In Praise of…Amanda Peet

She mastered the art of playing the bitchy hot girl in Igby Goes Down, and now Amanda Peet’s done it again, as the bitchy hot girl in Nicole Holofcener’s latest , Please Give. There’s certainly more to Peet than her shallow characters let on, and for that she has her agent to thank. Her choice of films over the past decade demonstrate a penchant for quirky US indie’s, paired with decent titles that have helped pay the mortgage (Gulliver’s Travels and 2012 excepted).

Peet has portrayed some memorable women in her short career, such as bad girl Emily in A Lot Like Love. She’s also worked with female directors at the top of their game, with Nancy Myers in Something’s Gotta Give, and as already mentioned, Holofcener’s Please Give. Just a glance at her filmography proves she’s not interested in fame or fortune, but rather becoming recognized as a leading character-actor.

It’s this attitude that’s led to her working with the two directors in America who have recently been cited as the only two for whom any actor would give their left arm to work with. Peet has already performed for Woody Allen in Melinda and Melinda, and she’s now lined up for the Untitled Terrence Malick Project (2012). Peet isn’t selling off her limbs to find work, she’s a director’s actor who could be on the brink of Catherine Keener-style acclaim.


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  1. You know, Amanda Peet is one of those actresses that you will see in a film and will have you scrabbling around for your phone to IMDb her to see where you know her from. That I think is a mark of a good supporting actress. One look at her IMDb page brings up so many films and TV spots that you know her from it is amazing.

    Good that she is getting some meatier roles.

    Nice blog you have here by the way 🙂


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