Captain America: The First Avenger

Of all of the superhero films of the past decade, the Nolan-directed Batman films have got to be the best. Probably because, from a warped psychoanalytical view, Batman has got Mummy and Daddy issues. Come to think of it, all of the better Superhero blockbusters entail some kind of familial dysfunction. Even in the more recent X-Men: First Class, we learn of the violent nature in which Magneto’s mother was killed at the hands of the Nazis. The loss of Spiderman and Superman’s respective father’s (or surrogate father’s) are referenced as catalysts in their superhero development. For Captain America, however, his inspiration to defeat evil in the world around him comes not from a traumatic or life-changing occurrence, but rather due to the less harrowing experience of being small.

The latest in Marvel agit-prop is more Dad’s Army than US Army recruitment drive, and at times the set looks as if it’s been recycled from cheap sci-fi films of the fifties. Chris Evans has no star presence, and neither does anyone else for that matter. Tommy Lee Jones drawls his way through another pissed-off public serviceman role (No Country for Old Men, In the Valley of Elah, In the Electric Mist) whilst Stanley Tucci and Toby Jones are undeservedly void of any consequence to the wider plot. The Captain’s stars and stripes shield might be enough to impress Uncle Sam, but it will hardly keep Batman’s Lucius Fox up at night. When you crave a shamelessly indulgent action sequence alongside the vanilla romance and drama, you realize Captain America has gone wrong somewhere along the star spangled way. Although more muscular in its direction than The Green Lantern and Thor, Captain America is considerably lacking in stature. He even had two dead parents…


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