Canary Wharf…The Murder Capital of the World

Future Cinema flashes back to the eighties in a  weekend double-feature extravaganza.

In London’s Canary Wharf this weekend, the only reminder that you weren’t in Santa Carla, or San Diego, were the polite queues at the bar. Stalking the makeshift beach elsewhere however, bandana-clad brothers and fanged vamps from The Lost Boys, and aviator attired Top Gun‘s, made for one radically star spangled pop-up cinema event.

Hosted by Future Cinema (a fusion of Future Shorts and Secret Cinema), the 8000 strong audience was testament t0 the organizers mantra of “changing the way we view cinema.” Completing The Lost Boys’ Santa Carla was a boardwalk funfair, Vampire cave, and roaring motorbike gang. Top Gun’s San Diego brought Oceanside waves and an interactive locker room, albeit a less homoerotic one. And if that isn’t enough to convince you as to why, in a time of exhibition uncertainty, people paid £25 a pop for tickets, there were even live buzzcuts on offer.

Much like the newly founded cine-clubs, founder Fabian Riggall has tapped in to the new cinephile psyche of sharing the film experiencerather than abandoning the otherwise floundering industry altogether. This summer, even the unlikely city of Milton Keynes held a three-day ‘drive in’ event, screening family Sci-Fi classics such as Ghostbusters and Back to the Future. With 3D driving up the price of an average cinema visit, and audience feedback suggesting a less than happy experience with the new technology, it seems as though punters are more keen on getting physically involved with tried and tested favorites.

As the crowd whooped along to classic lines such as ‘truth, justice and the American way’, and took part in mass sing-a-longs led by Navy officers, Future Cinema have made the distant world of Hollywood all that more tangible. In a film future hazy with doubt and the sound of snipping scissors, this transformative experience has proved that interactive cinema can offer much more than a pair of plastic 3D specs.


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